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Academic Titles : 中国世界古代中世纪史研究会世界古代史专业委员会理事、副秘书长

Honors and Titles : Zhejiang 'Ten thousand plan' Youth Top Talent, Zhejiang University Leading Talent, Zhejiang ZHIJIANG Young Social Science Scholar, Qianjiang Talent Project, Zhejiang Advanced Individual on Teaching the Scientific Research.

Personal Profile

Prof. Dr. Changyu LIU, male, born on August 1984 from Qingdao (Tsingtao), Shandong province, P. R. China. Doctoral study (2011-2015) and Doctor degree in Assyriology are from Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg in Germany in 2015, supervised by Prof. Dr. Markus Hilgert. Dr. Liu is the Professor, Doctoral Supervisor in Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU), Jinhua, China. He is awarded with Zhejiang Young Scholar, Qianjiang Talent Project, Zhejiang Advanced Individual on Teaching the Scientific Research, Jinhua Excellent Social Scientist, Top Teacher Cultivation Project in ZJNU, and Project Associate of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) in UCLA.

I. Monograph

1. Changyu Liu, Organization, Administrative Practices and Written Documentation in Mesopotamia during the Ur III Period (c. 2112-2004 BC): A Case Study of Puzriš-Dagan in the Reign of Amar-Suen, Kārum - Emporion - Forum: Beiträge zur Wirtschafts-, Rechts- und Sozialgeschichte des östlichen Mittelmeerraums und Altvorderasiens 3 (KEF 3), Münster: Ugarit-Verlag, 2017.

2. Changyu Liu, The Ur III Administrative Texts from Puzrish-Dagan Kept in the Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East, Harvard Semitic Studies 68 (HSS 68), Leiden: Brill, 2021.

II. Papers (research)

1. Changyu Liu, "Aba-saga’s Activities during the Reign of Sulgi in the Ur III Dynasty". Journal of Ancient Civilizations 31 (2016), 1-6.

2. Changyu Liu, "Assyriology in China". In Agnès Garcia-Ventura and Lorenzo Verderame (eds.), Perspectives on the History of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. University Park: Eisenbrauns, 2020, 283-288 (Chapter 15).

3. Changyu Liu, "Prosopography of individuals delivering animals to Puzriš-Dagan in Ur III Mesopotamia". Akkadica 142 (2021), 113-142.

4. Changyu Liu, "Eastward Warfare and Westward Peace: the 'One-Sided' Foreign Policy of the Ur III Dynasty (2112–2004 BC)". The Digital Archive of Brief Notes & Iran Review (DABIR) 9 (2022), 53-57.

5. Changyu Liu, "The Female Fat-tailed Sheep in Palaeography and the Administration of Drehem during the Ur III Period". Archiv Orientalni 90/1 (2022), 1-19.

 III. Papers (cuneiform texts editing)

1. Changyu Liu, "Six Ur III Tablets from the Special Collections of the University of Missouri-Columbia". Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin, 2012/2.

2. Changyu Liu, Camille Lecompte, "The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of Truman State University". Akkadica 134/1 (2013), 85-101.

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7. Changyu Liu, "Cuneiform Texts in the Creighton University". Altorientalische Forschungen 43/1–2 (2016), 1-10. (with Kristin Kleber)

8. Changyu Liu, "Two Ur III Texts from the University of South Carolina Libraries". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires 2018/41.

9. Changyu Liu, "Three Neo-Sumerian Texts from St. Catherine University". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires 2018/59.

10. Changyu Liu, John P. Nielsen, "Cuneiform Tablets in the Logan Museum of Anthropology", Beloit College. Akkadica 140 (2019), 73-102.

11. Changyu Liu, "An Edition of Twelve Ur III Administrative Cuneiform Tablets from United States Collections". Archiv Orientalni 87/1 (2019), 1-25.

12. Changyu Liu, "The Neo-Sumerian Texts in the Williams College Museum of Arts". Orient 55 (2020), 155-172.

13. Changyu Liu, "Six Neo-Sumerian Economic Texts in the Bridwell Library". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2020/47.

14. Changyu Liu, "Six Neo-Sumerian Texts in the Boston Public Library". Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin, 2021/1.

15. Changyu Liu, "New Ur III Administrative Texts from the University of Missouri-Columbia". In Sven Günther, Wayne Horowitz and Magnus Widell (eds.), Of Rabid Dogs, Hunchbacked Oxen, and Infertile Goats in Ancient Babylonia: Studies Presented to Wu Yuhong on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday (= Fs Wu). Changchun: Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, 2021, 105-118.

16. Changyu Liu, "Twenty-Three Ur III Texts from Detroit Institute of Arts". Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 98/2 (2022), 1-47.

17. Changyu Liu, "One Ur III Tablet from Irisagrig in a Japanese Private Collection". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2023/7.

III. Notes

1. Changyu Liu, "Collection and Collation for 'ba-šur2 mu-du-lum-še3'". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2013/39.

2. Changyu Liu, "A Note on gal-tab-bu-um". Cuneiform Digital Library Notes, 2014/5. 

3. Changyu Liu, "A Note on the Regular Offering to Ninlil at Tummal". Cuneiform Digital Library Notes, 2014/6.

4. Changyu Liu, "A Note on the text Iraq 74, p. 129 2010-06-022-07 (W 22)". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2014/9.

5. Changyu Liu, "Notes on Elamites and the date of three Drehem texts". Cuneiform Digital Library Notes, 2014/17. 

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7. Changyu Liu, Camille Lecompte, "Addenda to Akkadica 134/1". Cuneiform Digital Library Notes, 2014/63.

8. Changyu Liu, "Šulgi 45 or Amar-Suen 2: an ambiguous Ur III Year Name". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2015/63.

9. Changyu Liu, "Idadu, son of the governor of Egula". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2015/90.

10. Changyu Liu, "On a personal name Kiššer in Ur III source". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2017/32. 

11. Changyu Liu, "Lu-Nanna son of Ur-niĝar and Lu-Nanna from Hamazi not the same person". Nouvelles Assyriologiques Bréves et Utilitaires, 2017/63.

IV. Book reviews

1. Changyu Liu, Review: Tohru Ozaki and Marcel Sigrist, Tablets in Jerusalem: Sainte-Anne and Saint-Étienne. Journal of Ancient Civilizations 28 (2013), 136-139.

 2. Changyu Liu, Review: Noemi Borrelli, The Umma Messenger Texts from the Harvard Semitic Museum and the Yale Babylonian Collection (= Nisaba 27), Archiv für Orientforschung 54/2 (2021), 457-459.

 3. Changyu Liu, Review: David I. Owen, The Nesbit Tablets (= Nisaba 30), Archiv für Orientforschung 54/2 (2021), 459-460.

Education Background

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  • Guizhou Normal University
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2015.9 Now
  • Zhejiang Normal University
  • College of Humanities
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