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Alma Mater : Texas A&M University

Education Level : Doctoral graduate graduation

Degree : Doctorate

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School/Department : 数学与计算机科学学院

Date of Employment : 2018-08-09

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Oxidation of the two-phase Nb∕Nb(5)Si(3) composite: The role of energetics, thermodynamics, segregation, and interfaces.

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First Author : Liu SY

Affiliation of Author(s): 数理与信息工程学院

Date of Publication : 2013-01-01

Document Type : 期刊

Journal : Journal of Chemical Physics

Volume: Vol.138

Issue : No.1

Page Number : 014708

ISSN : 0021-9606

Translation or Not : no

Key Words : Niobium;Surface;oxidation;Surface;segregation;Interface;structure;Surface;cleaning

Abstract : Oxidation behavior of the two-phase Nb∕Nb(5)Si(3) composite is of significant importance for the potential applications of the composite at high-temperature conditions. We investigate the atomic-scale oxidation mechanism of the Nb∕Nb(5)Si(3) composite wit

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