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Zhonglong Zheng is currently a full professor of the department of computer science in Zhejiang Normal University.He obtained his PhD from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2005. He was a visiting professor in University of California, Merced from 2012 to 2013 with professor MingHsuan Yang. His main research interests include machine learning, computer vision and IOT. He has published some papers in AAAI,ICDE,ACM MM,INFOCOM,IEEE Internet of Things Journal,IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics,IEEE Transactions on MultiMedia,Pattern Recognition,NeuroComputing,Science China and etc..

Part of Publications:

1. Zheng Bao, ChangBing Tang, FeiLong Lin, Zhonglong Zheng*, Xinghuo Yu. Rating-protocol optimization for blockchain-enabled hybrid energy trading in smart gridsSCIENCE CHINA, 2022  (Accepted)

2. Riheng Jia, Jinhao Wu, Jianfeng Lu, Minglu Li, Feilong Lin, Zhonglong Zheng*. Energy Saving in Heterogeneous Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks. INFOCOM, 2022  (Accepted, CCF-A)

3. L Wang, M Zareapoor, J Yang, Zhonglong Zheng*. Asymmetric Correlation Quantization Hashing for Cross-modal Retrieval. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2021

4. Dawei Zhang, Zhonglong Zheng*, Riheng Jia, et al. Visual Tracking via Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning. AAAI, 2021 (CCF-A)

5. Riheng Jia, Xiuling Zhang, Yanju Feng, Tianliang Wang, Jianfeng Lu, Zhonglong Zheng*, Minglu Li,  Long-Term Energy Collection in Self-Sustainable Sensor Networks: A Deep Q-Learning Approach, IEEE Internet Things of Journal, 2021

6. Dawei Zhang, Zhonglong Zheng*, Minglu Li, et al. Reinforced Similarity Learning: Siamese Relation Networks for Robust Object Tracking. ACM MM, 2020, 294-303 (CCF-A)

7. Zhonglong Zheng*, Minqi Mao, Songxia Ma, CLEAR: Clustering based on locality embedding and reconstruction. ICDE, 2016, 791-798 (CCF-A)

8. Dawei Zhang, Zhonglong Zheng*, Yiran He, et al. Learning Fine-Grained Similarity Matching Networks for Visual Tracking. ICMR, 2020, 296-300 (CCF-B)

9. Dawei Zhang, Zhonglong Zheng*, Minglu Li, et al. CSART: Channel and spatial attention-guided residual learning for real-time object tracking. Neurocomputing, 2021, 436: 260-272 

10.  Li Wang, Jie Yang*, M Zareapoor, Zhonglong Zheng*, Cluster-wise unsupervised hashing for cross-modal similarity search. Pattern Recognition, 2020, 111: 107732 

Education Background
  • [1] Shanghai Jiaotong University 
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Research Focus

    Machine Learning and Computer Vision





Social Affiliations

    [1] 浙江省高校计算机教育研究会 副理事长

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Date of Employment:2005-03-07


Professional Title:professor

School/Department:College of Mathematics and Computer Science

Administrative Position:Vice Dean

Education Level:Graduate student graduate


Discipline:Computer science and technology Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Alma Mater:Shanghai Jiao Tong University


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