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学历:博士研究生毕业 毕业院校:上海交通大学 在职信息:在岗 所在单位:数学与计算机科学学院 入职时间:1986-07-01 职务:未聘任

On action permutation and progress for a type system with partially commutative asynchronous binary sessions

点击次数: 第一作者:Zhenguo Yang 发表时间:2015-01-01 发表刊物:International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 所属单位:数理与信息工程学院 文献类型:期刊 卷号:Vol.10 期号:No.3 页面范围:253-262 ISSN号:1742-7185 关键字:communication-centred;programming;subtyping;bounded;polymorphism;partial;commutativity;session;types;action;permutation;action;progress;asynchronous;binary;sessions;runtime;safety. 摘要:A type system with asynchronous binary sessions is generalised by asynchronous communication subtyping, which actually permutes and optimises the actions on each participant. With the types of messages being distinguished between dependent and independent 是否译文: